Born in Rivello, province of Potenza, in the region of Basilicata, Vicente Laíno was a young goldsmith and one of the many Italians who sought fortune in Venezuela at the beginning of the last century. During the long trip by boat, he had fantasies about the unknown country that would become his second homeland. He dreamed about the upbringing of his children and grandchildren in Venezuela and with a mixture of pride and hope, he relished in the visions of the excellent work that surely awaited him.

Upon his arrival in Venezuela, he brought only the ideal of a good life. Almost immediately he came into contact with a compatriot, Leopoldo Serpico, with whom a special friendship would develop. At that time there was a large Italian community in Caracas that was characterized by their cohesion and mutual cooperation. When Vicente Laino and Leopoldo Serpico met for the first time, the latter had a small shop where he sold and repaired jewelry. It was, "JOYERIA SERPICO", which served as the basis for the Rolex story in Caracas. The branch that became known as "Serpico y Laino", founded in 1925 until 1966, was located on the Mercaderes 21 Stock Exchange, very close to the Gran Hotel.

Serpico proposed to Laino to participate in the business, since this was a goldsmith and although he did not have money he stood out for being a well-educated and shrewd man in business; and immediately became an "Industrial Partner". Thus, with the money of Serpico and the intellectual capital of Laino, "Serpico y Laino" was established.

In order to promote its sales to a higher level, Laino suggested traveling to Europe in search of a watch brand that had not been sold in Venezuela so far. He traveled to Geneva and decided on Rolex. The instinct of Laino turned out to be successful, since Rolex already generated interest in a select circle of clients, but still it did not count on an exclusive distributor in this country.

Both partners decided that Laino should be the one to carry out the negotiations with Rolex in order to obtain the exclusive right. The conversations with Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex, were favorable and Laino returned to Caracas with flying colors. This agreement with Rolex was the first for "Serpico y Laino", followed by other prestigious watch brands.

Over the years and after events that would mark the lives and directions of both partners and their business, "Serpico y Laino" remained in the history of jewelry and watchmaking in Venezuela as the unmistakable hallmark of quality and distinction, serving ever since as a reference for the best brands.

Our commitment is to continue his legacy ...